EARS to YOU offers hearing evaluations and screenings, hearing instrument sales, repair and programming.  Hearing aids to fit your individual hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

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Also offering Defend Ear custom and universal, passive and digital, hearing protection products.

I've been in the hearing care field since 2007, and in the medical and veterinary fields for over 20 years.  As a member of the Missouri Hearing Society, I keep my skills sharp and on top of advancements.  I offer reasonable pricing and outstanding service.


  • Hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid sales
  • Custom hearing protection for noisy hobbies, jobs, and first responders
  • Service, repair, and programming adjustments
  • Rechargeable models
  • Financing options available
  • Some insurance accepted—ask about yours
  • Location address: 2728 West Osage Street, Suite B, Pacific MO 63069.

Signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss is not like listening with the volume turned down. Instead, you may notice that certain spoken sounds are more difficult to hear than others. That’s why people with hearing loss often say they can hear, but can’t understand what they hear. Here are some common sings of hearing loss:

  • Often needing to ask others to repeat themselves
  • Watching TV with the volume louder than others prefer
  • Difficulty understanding conversation where there is background noise
  • Others sound like they are mumbling
  • Difficulty identifying which direction sounds are coming from

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